The High-Performance Seismic Sensor Company
A Kinemetrics Division
After inventing the world's first high-performance seismic accelerometer forty years ago, Kinemetrics has been creating products for monitoring earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and explosions while helping society to understand these events on a global, regional and local scale. Kinemetrics provides global sales and service representation for Metrozet products.
Quanterra is the leading provider of high-performance seismological data acquisition systems. Along with Streckeisen, Quanterra created the broadband seismology and the very broadband seismic market. Metrozet sensors are designed for compatibility with the Quanterra Q330 series, in particular with the 26-bit model Q330HR.
EQMet offers cost-effective and code-compliant products that enable the protection of people, property and the environment through superior seismic and structural monitoring systems.  EQMet products are used in monitoring earthquakes, thus protecting buildings, bridges, dams and other structures throughout the world.
Metrozet VBB
UCB Seismo Lab
BRTT provides software which supports the collection, archiving, integration, and processing of environment sensors, particularly seismic sensors.
Very Broad Band seismometers for critical global and regional seismic recording
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) provides robust hazard information while engaging in essential geophysical research. Throughout the BSL's long history of innovation (described below), beginning with the 1897 installation of the first seismograph in the western hemisphere, our commitment to probing the Earth's deepest secrets has remained unchanged.
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