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Metrozet Vision

Through innovative design and technologies to manufacture the best seismometers in the world for years to come.
Metrozet Mission

The Metrozet mission is to deliver high-performance seismic sensors that enable the protection of people, property and the environment through superior seismic networks.
Key Application Areas

Metrozet seismometers and seismic accelerometers are used around the world. In addition to scientific research, our products find application in tsunami warning centers, nuclear test monitoring networks and oil and gas enterprises.

Who supports Metrozet products?

Our high-performance sensor products are supported directly by Metrozet technical product managers, giving you expert service when you need it.

Are Metrozet products available in my country?

Metrozet products have Kinemetrics representation in all regions of the world. Please contact our sales team at

What about posthole and borehole seismometers?

Yes, we do support such applications. Please contact our sales team at

I need a complete system. Does Metrozet offer a network solution?

Metrozet products are integrated by Kinemetrics engineers and deployed in all regions of the world; they are particularly bundled with the Quanterra acquisition systems and BRTT Antelope network software. Our sales team will match your specific needs to our affiliated products and services and offer you a solution tailored to your needs.
What are your typical delivery times?

What are your typical delivery times?

Our typical delivery time is 30-90 days, depending on the product and quantities.

I have a low-noise seismic signal detection requirement that existing products do not meet. Can Metrozet help me?

Of course! Our exceptional sensors will be integrated in systems using the best Commercial-Off-The-Shelf digitizers and network components. Our technical sales team reviews all inquiries, so please submit your requirement to
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