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The Mini BroadBand Seismometer (MBB-1) was designed by Metrozet for the vault or posthole installation. The MBB-1 offers a response between 40 sec and 100 Hz in a small, rugged, low power and low cost system that is easy to install and deploy. Built with ease of installation in mind, the MBB-1 does not require mass lock, mass centering, and has a large operational tilt range which combines to reduce installation training, time, and cost.

• No mass lock required

• No mass centering required

• Smaller, lighter than many broadband sensors

• Designed with low thermal sensitivity

• Large operational tilt range tolerance

• Mil-Spec rugged, stainless steel design package

• Noise that is below the NLNM from 17sec to 5Hz
The MBB-1 was engineered from the ground up to deliver best-in-class performance. Thermal compensation
and a sensor design with a truly linear motion combine to deliver the best high fidelity data from a sensor
of this size.

Sensor Technology:  Triaxial orthogonal, XYZ oriented feedback sensor
elements with capacitive displacement transducer

Mass Centering:  Not required

Sensitivity:  750 V*sec/m nominal, trimmed to ą 0.5% precision

Bandwidth:  -3dB points at 40sec and 100Hz

Operational Tilt Range:  ą 2.5 Degrees

Self-Noise:  Below the NLNM from 17 sec to 5 Hz

Velocity Output:  Industry standard 40V peak-to-peak differential output

Mass Position Output:  Independent mass position output, XYZ

Calibration:  Calibration input for XYZ; Single digital control line to activate
calibration on all three axes simultaneously

Short Period Mode:  2sec mode used for quick deployment; Digital control
line enables short period mode on all 3 axes

Electrical Protection:  Over-voltage, reverse-voltage, and current overload

Operational Temperature.:  -40 to +60 ēC

Voltage:  Input 9-36 V DC input (internally isolated)

Power Draw:  325mW
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